Weekend Gardening (A Little Bit of Everything)

Friday the first really nice day that we had in a while. It was actually warm and there was no rain… so I took out all the cuttings and seedlings from my room and placed them outside in the front porch. Everybody OUT!!! Unfortunately, it was chilly again on Saturday and Sunday, so they didn’t get to come back out.

Everybody OUT!!!

We have several plants blooming outside, including our first Roses. I several photos of the Rose blooms, unfortunately, I forgot to turn the macro setting and almost all those photos came out blurry. Here are some of my Mom’s White Bank Rose and Clematis in our back patio.

First Rose Blooms of the Year   Clematis Blooms

On Friday, my Mom and I went to Costco, and they were selling Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum ‘Cupreum’)… Hmmm? Everywhere I go, it seems that seeds start breaking off. Knowing me, I had to save them.

Found Purple Fountain Grass Seeds

The Forsythia cuttings that I planted just a week ago are already sending out roots. Curiously, the roots are growing out from the stem. I’m not sure if I should cut these cuttings down and plant the roots in the soil. Comments anyone?

Forsythia Cuttings Roots

Forsythia Cuttings Roots

Finally, my Mom told me that we had Taro (“Gabi” in Tagalog) in our pantry that are sprouting. I planted one of them and hopefully it’ll grow like Meighan’s Taro.

Sprouting Taro   Planted Taro

  • glad to hear you’re okay. Stay safe!

    • I’ll try to be…

      I’ll try to be… The water heater is still working now, so maybe I’ll have a hot shower today…

  • If more than one forsythia is sprouting roots from high on the stem, why not leave one and repot one, and do an experiment.

    As I have mentioned they do root very easily but this is new to me.

    Cool about the taro…and what a coincidence about the grass seeds!;)

    • Someone on Flickr already instructed me where I should cut… but, hey! That’s a good idea… I’ll try that…

  • Interesting that your forsythia are rooting where the green meets the brown on the stem (from soft wood to old wood? whatever…) Perhaps I’ll go take a cutting from the forsythia in the rescue garden.

    My sister says that when she prunes her forsythia any cuttings she doesn’t clean up put out roots and try to start new bushes.

    Nice job on the fountain grass seedhead larceny….

    How are the Philly columbines making out?

    • I will soon be taking them out of the fridge (I think that’s enough time) and plan them this or next week. I’ll also start my other seeds, since the weather is looking much better.