More (Found) Ornamental Grass Seeds

I’m not sure what type of ornamental grass these are. Both were found at the shopping center on Mini Dr. & Sonoma Blvd. (Vallejo, CA)

Found Ornamental Grass Seeds   Found Ornamental Grass Seeds

The first one is possible some type of Fountain Grass?

The second has upright blades with these seeds sticking out mid-stem. Possibly a Rush?

[I spy a spider]

  • wow!

    i’m glad that you finally got the car :-) did u get it for the price u wanted? i’m so happy for u :-)

    • Re: wow!

      yup yup, i did :) i’m happy too…

  • Anonymous

    Hey Joel, it’s me, Eric the carpooler- nice pick in cars…looks like we have a few things in common- Macs, Civics, Guam ;)

  • They look cool but I am not good at identifying grasses, so am no help my friend.

    • No problem… I don’t know what they are either…