A Few Baby Coleus…

Here are a few of my Coleus babies I have growing in my bedroom.

Coleus ‘Twirl-a-whirl’ (Last years “Mama” plant) + (Cuttings and Hybrids)

Coleus 'Twirl-a-whirl'   Coleus 'Twirl-a-whirl' (Cuttings and Hybrids)

The larger plant on top (of the above right photo) are cuttings I took from the mama plant on the above left photo. During the winter, it has lost it’s swirling petticoat leaf shape and turned greenish orange. It will most likely return to it’s darker swirling leave once it returns outdoors.

The two cups on the bottom (of the photo above right) contain seedlings from the same mother plant as the above cuttings. Two are almost a pure chartreuse while one is chartreuse with a purplish vain. The one on the bottom right is a kaleidoscope of green, burgundy and reds.

Coleus ‘Dark Star’ (Last years “Mama” plant) + (Hybrids)

Coleus 'Dark Star'   Coleus 'Dark Star' (Hybrids)

Coleus ‘Dark Star’ hybrids grown from seeds harvested from the mama plant on the left.

Coleus ‘Rustic Orange’ (Last years “Mama” plant) + (Cuttings)

Coleus 'Rustic Orange'   XXXXXX-XXXXXX.jpg

This cutting (of the above right photo) barely made it… I had it overwintering at work and it died back to almost nothing. I brought it home, took new cuttings (with leave smaller than half an inch) dipped it in rooting hormone and planted them directly in moist perlite. It has really sprung back to life!

It’ll be interesting to see how all these turn out, especially the hybrids.

First Poppy Blooms + Bigger Columbines

Our first Poppy blooms of the year!!! These measure about 5 inches across.

White Poppies

The Columbines next to the Poppies has gotten a lot bigger this year. This flower is also about 5 inches across.

Yellow and Peach Columbine

A view from below

Columbine From Below

‘The Dirt on Gardening’

As I’m looking through today’s TV schedule, I noticed a new gardening show that premieres today called ‘The Dirt on Gardening‘. It airs tonight at 7:30pm PST (and replays at 10:30pm) on DIY Network (DirecTV channel 230). Looks like it’s a Q&A type of show.

My Shelves and Growlights

I missed carpool because I worked a little late, so I had to ride the BART, then take a city link bus to get to Vallejo. I got home around 8:45pm and was so tired. Once I walked in the house, I saw a package from Rosy Dawn Gardens. YEAY!!! … My Coleus…. I took photos, but they are still in my camera. I’ll post them later today.

Before I post them, I wanted to show photos of the shelves I added in my bedroom to grow seedlings and overwinter cuttings. This photo was taken about a month ago.

Growlight Shelves

Below is a new photo of the bottom shelf that mostly houses my Coleus. Some are grown from seeds that I collected last year and some are overwintered cuttings. Click on the photo to see some notes I added on with flickr.

Seedlings and Cuttings