First Poppy Blooms + Bigger Columbines

Our first Poppy blooms of the year!!! These measure about 5 inches across.

White Poppies

The Columbines next to the Poppies has gotten a lot bigger this year. This flower is also about 5 inches across.

Yellow and Peach Columbine

A view from below

Columbine From Below

  • wow- you’re a Mac user, right?

    Which offline Livejournal thingie are you using? (I’m running OS 10.2.4, if that makes any difference…)

    • LiveJournal Client Apps…

      Hey Mike,

      I use to use an old version of Phoenix on Mac OS 9, but had problems with it, so I just stuck with the web interface. Now that I’m using OS X (10.2.4), I’m testing 3 programs.

      iJournal 1.49 – it’s very limited and is pretty much just like using the web interface. So I don’t really use it.

      YaxJournal 1.0.5 – I like YaxJournal because you can save your whole journal account (all entries) into a file (joelignacio.yaxjournal) on your hard drive and sync it with LiveJournal (i.e. if you entered entries with another program or through the web). It’s easy to edit entries – you just double click the entry and you can edit it. It also has menu commands (or key commands) to enter LiveJournal and HTML tags. My only problem with it is you can only make an entry with the current date/time – in other words, you can’t create back-dated entrie, which I always do.

      Phoenix 1.8.0 Carbon – I use Phoenix to enter back-dated entries. I’ll prolly also start using Phoenix to enter entries offline, save it to my iBook’s hard drive, then post it when I’m connect to the internet. (Something I’ll do more now that my commute will be longer) I don’t think the two programs above support offline entries (I think you have to be connected when making entries). My only complaint is that the View Log (past entry) feature does not work for me – maybe it’s a bug or something. I can only see entries that were entered using Phonix…

      None of the programs above let me reply to comments, though, so in that case I still use the web interface.

      On a sidenote, I’ve been typing entries in Entourage as calendar events, because I like seeing my entry subjects in a calendar format. It also has a built in spell checker which underline misspelt (hehe) words (just like Outlook and Word) I also have private entries there and entries that I don’t really want to post… I can’t post it directly to LiveJournal though… so I copy/paste then use Phoenix or the web.

      What program do you use? I wish there was one that has the features of both Phoenix and YaxJournal, but for now… I’ll keep using Entourage and a combination of the above two…

      Dang that was a long reply to a comment :P What program so you use?

  • Oh Gorgeous!@!

    The poppies we started from seed last fall are slow to bloom. We’ve only had one bloom so far and it was only about maybe 3 inches big. I put some bloom booster on them the other day so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Also my Columbine from last year has yet to bloom. Lots of pretty leaves though :)

    Not sure why these are so slow moving for me. ugh.

    • I got these poppies last year in a six pack and they hardly flowered, hopefully this year, they will have more flowers. I also notice that we have baby poppies on the other side of the yard, so they must have seeded. What a pleasant surprise. Good luck with yours. I’m sure they will perk up… and so will you Columbines :) Maybe you are having weird weather like us…