Sun Star

Last weekend, me and some friends went to Alameda to have lunch and walk around.

We passed by this florist shop (on Park Street) that had a plant that I’ve never seen before. The label on it says “Sun Star”. Unfortunately, the shop was closed on Sundays.

Sun Star

[Added April 30, 2006] A Flickr user has identified this as Ornithogalum dubium, a South African native.

Seeds-a-Beckoning + Dog Walk

As I was walking from the carpool lot to my car, parked several blocks away, I noticed these seeds scattered here and there as if it was a trail marker. It was beckoning me collect it… so I did.


I have a feeling that some school children were eating “whatever this is” and spitting it out the seeds as they walked home. These may be Loquat seeds, but I’m not sure.

Once I got home, I took our dog Kelly for a walk. We walked all the way along the bay. She’s getting old, but she still enjoyed getting out. We saw these two doin’ it on a bush by the bay.

Makin' Baby Ladybirds

Finally, the sun began to set… and we headed back home.