Sun Star

Last weekend, me and some friends went to Alameda to have lunch and walk around.

We passed by this florist shop (on Park Street) that had a plant that I’ve never seen before. The label on it says “Sun Star”. Unfortunately, the shop was closed on Sundays.

Sun Star

[Added April 30, 2006] A Flickr user has identified this as Ornithogalum dubium, a South African native.

  • i don’t know what anything you said means. but it still sounds interesting… wierd.
    you don’t know me by the way… but you could if you wanted to.

    • That’s okay…

      Sometimes I, myself, don’t know what I’m saying… hehe :P Thanks for the comment… I’ll check out yer journal from time to time…

  • I have no clue what it is, but I love orange flowers.