Garden Status

I spent yesterday (Saturday) doing a little bit of cleanup on my three vegetable beds in the backyard.

Vegetable Bed #1   Vegetable Bed #2   Vegetable Bed #3

I pulled up the spent Brussels Sprouts and the bolting Bok Choy and Collards that were filled with aphids.

Overgrown Brussels Sprouts

The French Sorrel has grown quite a bit and is also starting to bolt. I cut back the flower stalks., but didn’t pull these up so it can produce more baby plant that I can divide later.

I set up the second compost bin that I bought in January in one corner of the backyard and placed all the trimmings from above in it.

Compost Bin

I looked in my older compost bin (see my LiveJournal icon), and we have some good compost, that needs to dry out a bit. I empty this into an old wheelbarrow and will use it to dress some of our fruit trees and maybe also add to the vegetable beds.

The Taro I planted two weeks ago is now 6-1/4 inches tall and a leaf is starting to emerge.

The Coleus from Rosy Dawn Garden have graduated from the indoors spent their first full day outside.

Now I can bring my Coleus from work home and slowly introduce them outside.