Garden Status

I spent yesterday (Saturday) doing a little bit of cleanup on my three vegetable beds in the backyard.

Vegetable Bed #1   Vegetable Bed #2   Vegetable Bed #3

I pulled up the spent Brussels Sprouts and the bolting Bok Choy and Collards that were filled with aphids.

Overgrown Brussels Sprouts

The French Sorrel has grown quite a bit and is also starting to bolt. I cut back the flower stalks., but didn’t pull these up so it can produce more baby plant that I can divide later.

I set up the second compost bin that I bought in January in one corner of the backyard and placed all the trimmings from above in it.

Compost Bin

I looked in my older compost bin (see my LiveJournal icon), and we have some good compost, that needs to dry out a bit. I empty this into an old wheelbarrow and will use it to dress some of our fruit trees and maybe also add to the vegetable beds.

The Taro I planted two weeks ago is now 6-1/4 inches tall and a leaf is starting to emerge.

The Coleus from Rosy Dawn Garden have graduated from the indoors spent their first full day outside.

Now I can bring my Coleus from work home and slowly introduce them outside.

  • *hugz*

    Sometimes, letting go is the best thing that you can do…for the both of you…

    Take care.

  • Anonymous


    im sorrie pa *hugz*

  • i love this post.

    with my cabbages, i did a new thing this year. i harvested them & kept the headless stalk in the gardenbed.
    i am getting three more heads on that one stalk. i did the same with my broccoli.

    • Good job! I seen them to that with broccoli, but not cabbage.

      I’m weary of planting both of those veggies because of past problems with aphids and cabbage worms. In our garden, they REALLY REALLY like anything in the cabbage family, with the exception of Bok Choy. We had a problem with again with the Brussels Sprouts :(

  • Wow…nice bins and nice compost. Looks great for your plants.

  • Aphids are evil, aren’t they? I guess we gardeners have to do our part to feed the insect world, too.

    Your compost looks very rich and good. My main problem is finding enough stuff to compost. I thought about planting a row of things I don’t really want just to compost. lol.

    I saw lots of different coleus on my Saturday greenhouse trek and thought of you each time, wondering if you had this one or that one. Of course, now I can’t remember the names of ones that impressed me, but they are all gorgeous.

  • Why did you switch from the garbage can to the Smith & Hawkins one? I’m curious because I just set up a garbage can bin, and I’m wondering what you found to be its limitations.

    My problem with compost is finding enough “browns.” I just realized there’s a dead end street that no one lives on in my neighborhood that is piled with leaves (no one ever rakes or cleans this street). I filled up several buckets with leaves there, and I’m sure I’ll be headed back there soon!