One More Try (What The Heck Is This?)

I saw this plant along the bottom of Telegraph Hill in San Francisco… and I’m still wondering what it is.

Mystery Plant Flowers

Mystery Plant Flowers

2 more photos: leaves and the whole plant

Filbert Steps / Telegraph Hill (Part 2)

Here are a few photos from my Flickr photo set entitled
Filbert Steps, San Francisco (May 2006)“.

(This one if for patchoullijulie)

Hark, Who Goes There?
Hark, Who Goes There?

Unknown Blue Flowers
Unknown Blue Flowers

Unknown Plant Flowers
Unknown Plant Flowers

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Here’s Part 1 from April (26 photos)

Tomatoes and Eggplants Seedlings

Tomatoes and Eggplants Seedlings

My Tomatoes and Eggplants seedlings looks so puny compared to the ones I see at the nurseries.

Telegraph Hill + Lens + Coleus Pots

Today (Tuesday), I ate lunch at my desk, but later it was a little slow, so I decided to walk around. I went up Telegraph Hill again, but it was a lot warmer than my previous hike, so I was panting… I took a couple of photos including a massive clump of that mystery weed I’ve been wanting to ID… I also found it’s flowers. I’ll post those later. I also saw a Passiflora that seemed to just be growing wild on the hillside. I don’t think I got a clear shot of it though.

When I got home I got the package of the Telephoto and Wide-angle Lens… I was very pleased with the company because they also upgraded my shipping to two day air for free and included a free Lens Conversion Adaptor, a free Mini Tripod, a free Lens Cleaner (Solution, Tissue and Cloth), a free Brush/Blower and free Packing Popcorn! All this for the price of two lens which was about $30 each. I think the deserve an A+!!!

There was a little bit of light, so I planted a few Coleus pots.
Coleus pot #11: 2 ‘Kong Scarlet’ cutting (from last year) + 2 ‘Kong Hybrid’ seedlings (seeds I harvested last year)
Coleus pot #12: ‘Joey’ (He deserves a pot of his own)

I noticed that a few of the remaining Coleus (that I haven’t potted up) are quite leggy and infected with more mealy bugs!!! I think I will have to decapitate these and reroot them. I took a look at some of the others that were already potted and I think I will have to do the same.


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You Know You’re a Gardener… (#8 Umm)

You know you’re a gardener when… um… look familiar?

Gardening Hands

Wish List: Variegata + Aurea

After reading greenshadows‘s past entries…

– Variegated Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis ‘Variegata’) ( DG PlantFiles )

– Lavatera olbia ‘Aurea’ ( DG PlantFile )


I didn’t get home until about 7:45pm, but there was still a little bit of light outside, so I repotted some of my seedlings into one-gallon containers until I have my vegetable beds ready. I hope they will at least grow a bit bigger while I fix up the beds.

I repotted two each of the Burgundywine, Roma and Great White Tomatoes into their own pots… and two Scarlet Chinese Eggplant (4 total) into 2 one-gallon pots. I was also going to repot the Japanese Long Eggplants into their own pot, but I ran out, so I have to look for more and maybe do that tomorrow.

I also chopped down more of the Swiss Chard and cleared half of vegetable bed #1. By this time it was already dark and I was gardening by a citronella candle light.

I also noticed that we are not getting enough browns in our compost, so I need to shred some newspaper and use those as browns.

The End