Welcome Back Home (Batch 2)

The second batch of overwintered Coleus cutting from work that I was able to fit in a grocery bag.

Welcome Back Home (Batch 2)

top row (left to right): Coleus ‘Bronze Pagoda’, Coleus ‘Alabama Sunset’
middle row: unknown Coleus (from Target), Coleus ‘Kong Scarlet’
bottom: Coleus ‘Velvet Lime’

Sandpiper Point

Before being attacked by the pit bull (see previous entry), I took these photos at Sandpiper Point (Vallejo, CA)

Sunset Through the Weeds   Lounge Area

There were a lot of plants and flowers that I didn’t know. I especially like the middle yellow flower with the fuzzy white foliage.

Unknown Flower   Unknown Flower   Unknown Flower

two more

Are the Streets Not Safe?

I just went through one of the most frightening experiences in my life.

I was walking our dog Calli near the bay and we were attacked by a stray pit bull.