Sandpiper Point

Before being attacked by the pit bull (see previous entry), I took these photos at Sandpiper Point (Vallejo, CA)

Sunset Through the Weeds   Lounge Area

There were a lot of plants and flowers that I didn’t know. I especially like the middle yellow flower with the fuzzy white foliage.

Unknown Flower   Unknown Flower   Unknown Flower

I originally thought the follow two flowers were from the same tree, but I doubt it.

Unknown Flower   Unknown Flower

  • i love how you see things with new eyes.

    • Thanks patchoullijulie… that’s very encouraging… I’m glad you like the photos :)

  • unknown plants:
    1. dunno
    2. probably a Salvia of some kind (pretty! I want!)
    3. something in the pea family, most likely vetch

    4. and 5. are flowering quinces (Chaenomeles) and though they’re likely from separate plants there’s a variety called ‘Toyo Nishiki’ that claims to sport red, white and pink flowers all on the same bush.

    • Thanks greenshadows! Other people have commented on the vetch and flowering quinces… which are “new” plants for me…

      Aren’t those yellow ones beautiful… I think I will go back there and take some cuttings… unfortunately, I don’t think I will take my walking companion (Calli) with me :( :( :(

      • Yeah, I read about the pit bull incident. :( I’m just glad Calli (and you) survived it! Yikes.

        It might be different for California but up here we take Salvia cuttings (presuming it’s even a Salvia) in the summer – July through September is prime-time. The idea being that the new growth half-ripens and is perfect for striking new ones: not too young to have no substance and fade right out and not so old that it won’t root at all. Do the old “snap” test and you’ll know when the time is right. Heh, you probably already knew all that. ;) Best of luck; it’s sooo pretty!

        • Thanks so much for the tips… I think it is a saliva, but still not sure what kind. The plant is actually very wide spread over there, so I’ll try my luck now… and also try later… It’s all part of learning…