Welcome Back Home (Batch 2)

The second batch of overwintered Coleus cutting from work that I was able to fit in a grocery bag.

Welcome Back Home (Batch 2)

top row (left to right): Coleus ‘Bronze Pagoda’, Coleus ‘Alabama Sunset’
middle row: unknown Coleus (from Target), Coleus ‘Kong Scarlet’
bottom: Coleus ‘Velvet Lime’

  • these are beautiful!

  • I love the Coleus ‘Kong Scarlet’ one. The green is so vibrant!

    • Once the Kongs grow up, they have by far the largest Coleus leaves… They are bigger than my hand!

  • You make me wanna grow some coleus! :)

    • You should :) They are so easy to propagate… Just take a cutting and it’ll root… (with water or potting soil, that is)