Work: Before, During and After…

This seems to be the longest day… especially with yesterday’s incident. I couldn’t sleep, so ended up sleeping at about 5:30am!… I didn’t wake up and was late to work.

Since I was late to work, I couldn’t take carpool, so I drove in. Ironically, look what was in front of me on the freeway…

Animal Control Vehicle

An animal control vehicle!!!!! I sure could have used them yesterday!!!

Yesterday, one of my coworker was explaining some of my cameras features. I thought I would try my hand at a long exposure shot.

Long Exposure Test

This is taken at the parking lot near my work. I was working overtime and took a break outside. The street in the photo is The Embarcadero in San Francisco. Can you see my Honda Civic?

Since I drove into work, I thought I would take advantage of my car and transport all my overwintered Coleus in one big batch (instead of my “What can I fit into one grocery bag” method. So after I finished all my work (at 11:30pm), I packed all the remaining Coleus at work and made my trip home.

Welcome Back Home (Batch 3 - The Finally)

top row (left to right): Coleus ‘Velvet Lime’, Coleus ‘Amora?’
middle row: Coleus ‘Jade’, Coleus ‘Pat Martin’
bottom: Plectranthus ‘Zulu Wonder’

  • I hope she’s okay!

    …let us know what happens.

    I feel the same way with my mom/living at home. Sometimes it seems like it’s the children who take care of the parents.

    • Re: I hope she’s okay!

      Thanks for the concern… I’m so relieved that she’s okay (see my next post)…

      Yeah, sometimes it does seem like the children take care for the parents… but in our case, it’s definitely mutual… As my brother said when my dad passed away, we just have to help each other… and we are… even more so now.

  • You are like the Coleus King my friend!

    • Why, thank you, my lad :)

      The Coleus King

  • Those guys are never around when ya need them! geez.

    You’re coleus are all looking fantastic! The King indeed!

    • They are looking quite good, but some still needs some TLC… I just need some free time to take care of them…