July 4th Gardening…

My Masdevallia Orchids in the hanging wooden pots I made are doing quite well. I replaced the string from the two of the pots where hanging on with much stronger galvanized wire.

The flowers of the Masd. Huayna Picchu and Masd. Ruby Slippers ‘Baby’ continue to bloom…

I see a new Masd. Huayna Picchu flower spike forming. It’s interesting how many tiny spots there are on the flower and the flower spike.

I took dead leaves off Masd. Red Panda, but I noticed that it has new growth.

Told my Mom that as one of my Orchid flower matures, the bottom petals cross over. She replied, “just like what I do in my exercises.

I divided the Dragon Fruit Cactus and potted it up into a larger terra cotta pot. Hopefully, it’ll continue to grow larger.

I noticed that the Euphorbia platyclada has tiny little dark yellow blooms, which are not noticable until you really look at it closely.

On the opposite end, the Rebutia krainziana is putting up very noticeable yellow blooms. This is the second round of blooms for this cactus this year.

I noticed that the two Japanese Long Purple Eggplants both have fruits. One has three and the other just one… but they both continue to have flowers, even though they are still just about a foot tall. I hope they grow taller.

I planted two more Coleus pots today. In one pot that I found the Plectranthus argentatus ‘Longwood Silver’ in, I planted a big dark maroon leafed Coleus with no name.

In another pot, I planted:
Coleus ‘Sedona’
Coleus ‘Electric Lime’
Coleus ‘Mariposa’

For some reason, some of the leaves on the Tomato ‘Rutger’s Select’ are burning from the sun, but the other Tomatoes next to it are fine. I hope that they’ll be okay and just keep growing.

I harvested some seeds from a plant I purchased from Annie’s Annuals, but I can’t remember what it is called… something Tips… I’ll have to look it up…

Sunday Gardening…

I took more Coleus (and Plectranthus) cuttings today… As I was tagging the photos on Flickr, I noticed that I missed some plants, so I probably will have to have a Part 3.

Coleus Cuttings Part 2

I actually didn’t do much… because I napped a lot today…

I happened to check the Columbine seedlings ( sown seeds photo ) which I thought were either dead or would never grow, but surprisingly, there where a couple that sprouted and grew… though small and thin. I took them out of the vermiculite and planted each one in a pot. I hope they will continue to grow.


Busy Weekend…

On Saturday, my oldest brother picked me up so I can get some scalloped bricks from his house that he didn’t need.

We got detoured, when my other brother called his mobile phone and told him someone was getting rid of some bamboo poles. The owner grew them in their backyard and got sick of them, so they ripped it all out. OMG! They were long!

Bringing Home the Bamboo

Once we got to my oldest brother’s house, he showed my some of his plants and asked if I knew what this was… and that… etc.

I was surprised to see a couple plants I want… including a yellow Siberian Iris, some Hostas that were growing like weeds… along with the weeds… and some purple velvet-like Salvia. He also had some tadpoles in his inflatable swimming pool and he showed me a nest with two eggs. He said that the parents haven’t come back in a while and he’s wondering if they got injured. We’re unsure if these will hatch.

On Sunday, I cut down the seed stalks of the Swiss Chard in the front yard, they were getting way to tall. We are still harvesting some of the bottom leaves, so I’m leaving those (for now).

My Aunts, Uncle and Grandma came over to take my Mom out, they took some Swiss Chard and took group photos with all the Roses and other flowers. As I was dead heading the spent flowers, I heard my Grandma say that I’m like a woman because I’m good in the garden… I wasn’t offened… I thought that was so funny!… (I think it the way she said it)… If she only knew ;)

It was getting hot so I took a break, but later sorted through all my Coleus and grouped them into groups of 2, 3 or 4… I’m trying to figure how to combine them into a nice combination to plant into pots. I thought that was the hard part… When it came to planting them… Whew!… That took a while… I ended up with at least 12 pots (mostly with three plants). I also mixed in the Plectranthus ‘Zulu Wonder’ and the Taro, here and there.

Work: Before, During and After…

This seems to be the longest day… especially with yesterday’s incident. I couldn’t sleep, so ended up sleeping at about 5:30am!… I didn’t wake up and was late to work.

Since I was late to work, I couldn’t take carpool, so I drove in. Ironically, look what was in front of me on the freeway…

Animal Control Vehicle

An animal control vehicle!!!!! I sure could have used them yesterday!!!

Yesterday, one of my coworker was explaining some of my cameras features. I thought I would try my hand at a long exposure shot.

Long Exposure Test

This is taken at the parking lot near my work. I was working overtime and took a break outside. The street in the photo is The Embarcadero in San Francisco. Can you see my Honda Civic?

Since I drove into work, I thought I would take advantage of my car and transport all my overwintered Coleus in one big batch (instead of my “What can I fit into one grocery bag” method. So after I finished all my work (at 11:30pm), I packed all the remaining Coleus at work and made my trip home.

Welcome Back Home (Batch 3 - The Finally)

top row (left to right): Coleus ‘Velvet Lime’, Coleus ‘Amora?’
middle row: Coleus ‘Jade’, Coleus ‘Pat Martin’
bottom: Plectranthus ‘Zulu Wonder’

On the Way to Work + On the Way Home

As I was walking to work this morning, I took an alternating route and saw this Coleus planted outside a large-well-known company’s window.

I was so tempted to take a little piece off to root, but they still look young… plus there were a lot of people around and I was sure they had a security camera…

Hmmm? Maybe when these grow bigger, I may revisit it… and accidentally bump into it.

Coleus Seen on My Way to Work

The weather is nice and has really warmed up, so I’m slowly taking the overwintering cuttings at work home… I’ll be bring them in batches… basically, whatever I can fit in a grocery bag.

Welcome Back Home (Batch 1)

top (left to right): Coleus ‘Amora?’, Coleus ‘Oompah’
bottom (left to right): Unknown Coleus (from Target), Plectranthus ‘Zulu Wonder’

Once I got to Vallejo, I stopped by Home Depot, and tried to resist buying more Coleus… Didn’t work

Both unlabeled. Damnit!!!

New Coleus 1   New Coleus 2

I had the one on the right last year, but it didn’t survive. The label said ‘Cache’, but other Coleus were also labeled ‘Cache’, so I don’t think that this is it’s actual name.

Cheap planting pots that are readily available…

My Coleus and Plectranthus cuttings at work have rooted, so I really have to get some pots and plant them in soil. I don’t want to bring a bunch of mismatched 4 inch pots to work, because they are sitting my co-workers office, and I don’t want them too look too unsightly. I searched the internet for bulk pots that were taller than regular 4 inch pots, but not wider. I couldn’t fine any; they were either too expensive or too large a quantity to buy.

I went to my friend’s Christmas party this evening and they had clear plastic Solo drinking cups. Measuring 4 inches at the top lip, 2.5 inches at the base and 5 inches tall, they were close to the size I wanted… so, at the end of the party, I helped clean up, collected the drinking cups and brought them home. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that they were clear.

I stopped by the grocery and found opaque ones called SoloGrips in different colors. I can use these as the pots. I’ll cut the clear one to about an inch tall and use those as the saucers. Very Cool!!!… Cheap planting pots that are readily available!

I’ll make one up and take photos to illustrate what I said above.

Unknown Plant

Two weekends ago, I was down in Milpitas (California), and noticed this Coleus-like plant in my sister-in-law’s sister’s garden. She didn’t know what it was, but gave me a couple cuttings.

Here’s the unknown plant
The unknown plant

More photos of the flowers and backside of the leaves