Busy Weekend…

On Saturday, my oldest brother picked me up so I can get some scalloped bricks from his house that he didn’t need.

We got detoured, when my other brother called his mobile phone and told him someone was getting rid of some bamboo poles. The owner grew them in their backyard and got sick of them, so they ripped it all out. OMG! They were long!

Bringing Home the Bamboo

Once we got to my oldest brother’s house, he showed my some of his plants and asked if I knew what this was… and that… etc.

I was surprised to see a couple plants I want… including a yellow Siberian Iris, some Hostas that were growing like weeds… along with the weeds… and some purple velvet-like Salvia. He also had some tadpoles in his inflatable swimming pool and he showed me a nest with two eggs. He said that the parents haven’t come back in a while and he’s wondering if they got injured. We’re unsure if these will hatch.

On Sunday, I cut down the seed stalks of the Swiss Chard in the front yard, they were getting way to tall. We are still harvesting some of the bottom leaves, so I’m leaving those (for now).

My Aunts, Uncle and Grandma came over to take my Mom out, they took some Swiss Chard and took group photos with all the Roses and other flowers. As I was dead heading the spent flowers, I heard my Grandma say that I’m like a woman because I’m good in the garden… I wasn’t offened… I thought that was so funny!… (I think it the way she said it)… If she only knew ;)

It was getting hot so I took a break, but later sorted through all my Coleus and grouped them into groups of 2, 3 or 4… I’m trying to figure how to combine them into a nice combination to plant into pots. I thought that was the hard part… When it came to planting them… Whew!… That took a while… I ended up with at least 12 pots (mostly with three plants). I also mixed in the Plectranthus ‘Zulu Wonder’ and the Taro, here and there.

  • They always say a gay grandson is a grandmother’s dream. Maybe at some level she does know, but it is easier for her to just think of you as you?

    I am unfamiliar with Plectranthus, I shall have to look it up.

    What are you going to do with the bamboo?

    It certainly was a busy weekend for you.

    • I’ve had a few gay male friends say that their family supposedly doesn’t know that they’re gay, but that the family also carefully doesn’t ask questions about girls, dating, etc.

      As for Plectranthus, there are a bunch of species. I find they work well as filler in beds or pots, to set off other plants.

      • Hmm… that’s describes them! hehe… I think they may know, but I hadn’t officially told them. They do ask how is one of my best friends who’s my ex…

        My parents and all my nephews and nieces know though…

    • Plectranthus is another member of the Lamiaceae family along with Coleus, Lamium, Mints, Sage, Salvia, Thyme and more… I only discovered it last year when I saw one at my sister-in-law’s aunts house. I thought it was a wild Coleus…

      I’m not sure what they are going to do with the bamboo… My brothers are like collectors… (think, Sanford and Son)

  • I love the process of figuring out how to combine plants in one pot. There are so many options, all depending on what sort of look you want to achieve. Anyhoo, I’ve been doing that lately with succulents. Still haven’t re-potted several of the ones I just got at the UCB plant sale.

    • I just wanted to combine everything with the limey green Coleus. I don’t worry about it too much though… last year I just potted them as I purchases them, so they were truly mismatch, but I still enjoyed them…

      You know what weird… I don’t like mixing my succulents… I like succulents collections and combination pot by other people, but I find when I plant my succulents, I like to have one per pot. I don’t know why… I just try each one as a species plant…

      • combining succulents

        I’m that way with a lot of succulents, but some of them ask to be combined. My favorite is a pot that contains several different species in the same color scheme (all pale forms of coated &/or shimmery Graptopetalums or Graptoverias, plus a small-textured blue-grey Sedum as a “groundcover” for contrast). I wanted to see if the different textures & shapes would play off of each other. It’s just filling in this year (it had a hard life last year, getting dumped over several times, picked at by birds, and being where it was too cold). I’m not sure yet, but I think it worked fairly well. I just wish it were in a different pot instead of in terra cotta. Perhaps a dramatic matte black, or dark glossy violet?

        But usually I only combine to save on effort while watering, &/or because so many of my babies were still quite small.

    • ps… I wish I went to the UCB plant sale!