You Know You’re a Gardener… (#3 Coffee Grounds)

You know you’re a gardener when you save the old coffee grounds at work, so you can use them on your garden beds to deter cats from pooping in them.

  • dude, you gotza go to starbucks and get their grounds, too.
    they are saving them already packaged just for you!
    for free!

    • hi patchoullijulie! i go there to ( to Starbucks) :) love it!!

    • Someone told me about that… but I don’t want to get too much… I think I get it at work, just to do it… Going to Starbucks is too easy… hehe

  • i did not know that!
    and ha ha to the comment above this one.

    • I’m not 100% sure that it works… I heard it from somewhere, but can’t remember where from…

  • I guess I’ll be dumping some coffee grounds on my garden tomorrow. Some feline secret admirer left a “gift” in my new flower bed last night or early this morning.

    • Yeay, Gifts!!!… I love gifts… oh wait… but not that kind!

      You have to tell me if this really works… I heard about it somewhere, but I’m not sure if it really works…

  • Anonymous

    That’s funny! I occasionally put the grounds in my garden, just out of habit because my mother used to do it, I never knew why. This series is a good idea… what about: You can tell you’re a gardener if you call your pet sitter to see how your plants are.

    • I’ve done something similar… I’ve called home to ask my Mom to check if this or that is dry and needs water…

  • Anonymous

    One question, do coffee beans do any good? My grinder broke and I have left over beans… By the way, I’m illmethinks/illshethinks from flickr.

    • I’m not quite sure… Maybe you can use it as a mulch, since it is organic… I would think that it would make the soil more acid… since I think coffee is acidic…