You Know You’re a Gardener… (#2 Herbs)

I think I’ll make this a regular series.

You know you’re a gardener when you see cut herbs in the produce isle… and check to see if they can be rooted.

  • is this where you accidentally bump into Herb on a regular basis?

    • Oh no! I’m not that kinda person! ;) hehe

  • When I go for pho I always take the leftover thai basil sprigs home and root them. My boyfriend thinks I’m insane always walking out with a hand full of basil!

    • OMG! I do that too!… I must post this as another “You know you’re a gardener…”

  • bwhahaha.. totally!

    • Have you grown some this way? I actually haven’t since we don’t buy that much herbs… unless you count the lemon grass I grew last year…

      • Basil. It’s extremely easy to root. I’ve had leaves fall off of the plants into dirt and take root. Totally blew me away, I had no idea it would root that easy.

        Hhmm…lemon grass, I’ll have to try that.