Vallejo’s First Dog Park!!!

This has been a long week, and I have not been keeping up with my plants, photos, LiveJournal and sleep. (I will this weekend)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the pit bull attack on Wednesday and have this weird feeling. I don’t know if it’s like a feeling of feeling violated… I can’t quite put it in words. I no longer feel safe walking Calli around the neighborhood. I know that was probably a freak thing that happened, but I just can’t go out there with Calli, even thought I know she’s been enjoying our time together when I take her for a dog walk after work.

Yesterday, I took her out… but we just staying within our property, going back and fort between the front yard and back. It kinda felt silly, but that’s just how it’s got to be for now.

This evening, I had an idea to search for dog parks around the area, because I don’t think Vallejo has one. I was so surprised to see the results I found on Google.

Vallejo is opening it’s first dog park next week!!!!!!!

I can’t tell you how great this feels.

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