My First Lamium + Another Coleus

After work, I stopped by an unnamed home improvement store and noticed a really pretty Lamium.


It is quite bushy, so I’m going to take multiple cuttings of it to plant with my Coleus.

When I got the Lamium home, I was so surprise to see two unknown Coleus cuttings in it. Now, how did that get there? and where are they from?… I swear, these Coleus, really need to stop following me home!… (but, I might as well pot them up)

New Unknown Coleus Cutting

  • Like I said before they followed you home because you are the Coleus King!

    I ama lamium fan.

  • I have LOTS of wild lamium I would so love to give to someone although I don’t think anyone wants it. It’s almost as bad as Creeping Charlie even though it is pretty. It takes over everything. That’s why I haven’t bought the lamium in the stores because, although different, it still reminds me of the one in my yard and garden that is so invasive. lol.