Unusual Coleus with Three Leaves per Node

As I was planting my Coleus into pots on Sunday, I noticed that two of my Coleus were a little unusual. Instead of the usual two leaves per node, these had three leaves per node. Hmmm? Mutants?

One was a ‘Dark Star (Hybrid)’ that grew from seed…

Coleus 'Dark Star (Hybrid)' (3 Leaves/Node)   Coleus 'Dark Star (Hybrid)' (3 Leaves/Node)

…the other was ‘Velvet Lime’ cutting from last year.

Coleus 'Velvet Lime' (3 Leaves/Node)   Coleus 'Velvet Lime' (3 Leaves/Node)

  • I’ve had some seedlings start out that way and then settle down to look more like their peers.

    • Aww… I was hoping they would stay weird… er… different…