Hmmm… Can I Make Money Growing Plants?

I fell asleep right after dinner while watching TV and woke up so early (4:30am), so I’m doing some computer work, until I can get back to sleep and wake up (6:30am) for work.

Yesterday, one of my best friend (who is just started his garden design business in Reno last year) left me a message on my mobile phone and had a thought. He said that if and when I got my new house, maybe I can grow some plants for him, and he can use these in his garden design business or sell it at the farmers market. I thought this was a great idea, but I have no clue when it comes to business, so some questions came to mind:

1. Do I need to get a business license, or can I do this just as a side business and make extra money?
2. Can I grow plants and sell them myself at a local farmers market or online, like on Craig’s List?
3. Is there a demand for plants grown by just regular gardeners?
4. What plants are sought after in Reno? One that comes to mind are Ornamental Grasses.
5. What Ornamental Grasses are popular?
6. Where should I get seeds or young plants for cheap?

See how my mind works?

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

I finally was able to edit through all my photos from the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Below are 6 out of the 86 photos I posted on my San Francisco Botanical Garden (Dec 2005) album on




I started a Coleus group on Flickr…

I’m so excited, because I took my passion for Coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) and started a group on Flickr devoted to… guess what?… Coleus!!!

My ultimate goal is to have a central location where you can view photos of Coleus from people all around the world. There is also an area where you can discuss these colorful plants.


So, if you have any Coleus photos and a Flickr account, stop by an share with the group. Here’s the link:

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Latin Names and Nomenclature Questions…

I posted the following in the Gardening community ( link )

Hello Fellow Plant-lovers… I’ve just began to get interested in the Latin names of my various plants and have a few questions about nomenclature. Please forgive me/correct me if I’m using the incorrect terms.

I’m using these 6 examples for the questions below:
a. Kalanchoe tomentosa
b. Crassula perfoliata ‘Falcata’
c. Crassula perfoliata var. falcata
d. Crassula perfoliata falcata ‘Morgans Beauty’
e. Crassula perfoliata ssp. falcata
f. Crassula lycopodioides f. variegata

I generally have seen the Latin names as [Genus species] as in (a). I’ve also seen [Genus species ‘Something’] as in (b).

1. Is the ‘Something’ between the single quotes called a “cultivar”?

Today as I was surfing Google, I ran into a couple of unfamiliar nomenclatures (c-f)

2. Is (c) equivalent to (b)?… and what does “var.” mean?
3. In (d) they have 4 terms. Is this a correct usage?
4. In (e) and (f), what does “ssp.” and “f.” mean.

Sorry, if I sound so elementary. I’ve generally been using the common names of my plants, but recently discovered I have a couple of plants that have the same common name, like “Jade Plant”.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Also, if any one of you is good at identifying plant names, I have a photo set on with plants I can’t identify. You can check it out here. ( link )

Unknown Plant

Two weekends ago, I was down in Milpitas (California), and noticed this Coleus-like plant in my sister-in-law’s sister’s garden. She didn’t know what it was, but gave me a couple cuttings.

Here’s the unknown plant
The unknown plant

More photos of the flowers and backside of the leaves

Help: Need Advice on a Broken Jade Plant…

When I went to the garden today, I noticed that my mom’s Jade Plant (Crassula argentea) was laying on the ground. At first I thought my mom pulled it out, but after inspecting it, it looks like the plant broke from its weight. I was wondering why my mom would pull a plant that we’ve had for over 18 years. It has grown over 5 feet tall (64 inches); the trunk measured about 5 inch in diameter and about 16 inch around.

Help!… I’m not sure what to do. Will this plant root if I dig a hole and place the broken trunk in it? Will it root if I place the trunk in a bucket of water? Is there a way to save or revive the whole plant?

My Mom’s broken Jade Plant

Broken Jade Plant

3 more photos of the break, stump and trunk

Mutant Tendergreen Bush Bean Seedling?…

Today I noticed a mutant Tendergreen Bush Bean Seedling growing.

Below is a normal seedling with 2 primary leaves.

Below is the mutant with 5 primary leaves; 2 being conjoined.

Just thought this was interesting?

Is this a moss or fungi?

I bought a strawberry plant and it had this moss or fungi looking thing growing with it.

moss or fungi looking thing

Does anyone know what this is?

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