Help: Need Advice on a Broken Jade Plant…

When I went to the garden today, I noticed that my mom’s Jade Plant (Crassula argentea) was laying on the ground. At first I thought my mom pulled it out, but after inspecting it, it looks like the plant broke from its weight. I was wondering why my mom would pull a plant that we’ve had for over 18 years. It has grown over 5 feet tall (64 inches); the trunk measured about 5 inch in diameter and about 16 inch around.

Help!… I’m not sure what to do. Will this plant root if I dig a hole and place the broken trunk in it? Will it root if I place the trunk in a bucket of water? Is there a way to save or revive the whole plant?

My Mom’s broken Jade Plant

Broken Jade Plant

Here’s where it broke

Broken Jade Plant


Broken Jade Plant


Broken Jade Plant

  • well that’s exactly what it did, it fell because of its own weight.
    don’t just replant it, it’ll fall over again.
    break it up into 1/3rds, just breaking the stem
    try and break it off near a branching point
    becareful not to break any leaves
    then just replant them all

    if you care a lot about them, make them a little mini-greenhouse (or huge in this case) and support them with sticks and something soft around them for support. they root in no time, but give’m a while to really take root. be sure to break up all the old root structure, cause it won’t decay faster than the next plant can grow. umm and check it out for mold cause that seems to be my biggest problem, so a mild fungicide, or an organic solution.

    okee, woah, i wrote a lot
    sorry, i’m really into my jade plants
    cause of their history
    and they aren’t doing so well, so i’ve been working with them a lot
    and this stuff seems to help.

    • Hey artistboi, thanks for your suggestion… I don’t think my mom want to chop it up though… A few other people suggested to try to replant the whole thing, but letting the wound dry for a few weeks to a month with a root hormone/fungicide. Then planting it with some support. I think I’ll try this.

  • oh yeah, and any little pieces, that broke off, just bring’m inside, and plant’m in a pot and they’ll root. if you cut off the bottom of a milk jug, it’ll prolly fit over the pot and u got a nice little greenhouse for it to get started in. try not to water them, ever. like once a month, i almost killed mine from over watering.

  • I wonder if the stump and roots that are left after break will sprout new shoots if you leave it where it is in the ground? Most other plants seem to do so…

    • It probably will, but I think we are going to clear the area and prepare it to replant the humongous jade…

  • that break looks weird, like it’s at an angle and has stuff off to the side. was it not planted straight to begin with? that might be why it fell. that’s sucky though :(

    • It was originally straight, but as it grew and grew and grew… it started to lean since it was only a few inched from the wall… My mom says that it just grew there… we have a bunch of volunteer jade plants here and there…

      I also notice today that we have another one that is about 3 feet tall on the opposite side of the yard… Luckily it not so close to a wall…

  • Sl what did you end up doing with this plant? I would have cut off all the branches and rooted small cuttings of then individually, then tried re-planting the trunk. It was the weight of the branches and the lean of the trunk that caused it to fall over.

    I hope your tree made it!

  • Anonymous

    broken jade plant.

    did you know that if you cut branches or leaves on jade plants that those leaves and branches will grow roots in about a week or two (if watered once every 3 days for 2 weeks). it depends on what you want to do with the jade plant
    like planting the whole thing back in the ground (placing the stump 6 inches deeper) or breaking off leave or branches (branches by the section where leaves once were). trust me i have done this before and it works.

  • did you ever figure out what to do? I am just looking into grafting some of my jade because it isn’t growing pretty like yours is. I hope you could fix it!

  • gmt64

    Just get it planted in a big pot, the stalk should root I would think. You could get it wet and put rooting hormone powder on it first.