I went to the library again and got five books:

– Propagation Basics by Steven Bradley
– Plant Propagation A to Z by Geoff Bryant
– Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates by Robert Kourik
– Rodale’s Successful Organic Gardening Vegetables by Patricis Michalak
– Gardening 101 by Martha Stewart

I transplanted my overwintered Coleus Wizard Rose triplets into a bigger pot. Here’s the clippings before and after. (The parent plant and more cuttings are in my July 8th entry right above the hula guy.)

Before (June 3)

After (July 11)

Here’s some pics from the garden:

Tendergreen Bush Bean

Chater’s Double Hollyhock

…and for dinner, we finally had that Yellow Submarine Cucumber, which at 10 inches long and 3 inch diameter, was still young (seeds were still soft)

Sunday Gardening…

Sunday, July 10

Early this morning, I harvested my first cucumbers and eggplant. The huge cucumber in the photo is labeled as Yellow Submarine Cucumber. It hasn’t turned yellow as the tag shows, but that thing is 10 inches, but the tag says 8 inches, so I decided to go ahead and harvest it.

Yellow Submarine Cucumber, Lemon Cucumber, Hungarian Sweet Wax Pepper, Millionaire Japanese Eggplant

Fay Elberta Semi Dwarf Peach

The Sweet 100 Tomatoes are really to harvest, but I’ll do that tomorrow.

Our pruning shears are a bit dull, so I sharped them with a sharpening stone, and they work so much better. I don’t think they ever have been sharpened.

I repotted the Avocado that I “discovered” we had (see yesterday’s post). My mom kindly gave the plant to me :)

I took some pictures around the garden…

Tropic White Guava

Alstroemeria seed pods

Sun shining through a Canna Lily leaf and a close up the flower