Lemon Grass Update…

About a month ago ( June 13 entry ), I potted a Lemon Grass stalk that I rooted in water. It’s doing well and the side shoot has emerged. Some of the outer leaves of the main stalk started turning brown, so I removed them, which revealed more shoots.

Hello Praying Mantis…

After work (Wednesday), I drove over to Yard Bird to see if they had some cheap big pots. I found some 12 incher for $1.97 and got 5. I walked around looking at what trees they had. I’ve been trying to get ideas on what trees to get once I get my own house.

While walking around, I found a Coleus called “Dark Star“, that has very dark foliage that are almost black. I had to get it.

When I got home and separated the pots, I found a baby Praying Mantis hiding between the pots. I was only about an inch long and really cute. I placed it on my cucumber plants and took photos. Hopefully it’ll be okay and survive. Maybe I’ll see it again once it grows up. Praying Mantis are rare in our neighborhood. I’ve only seen 1 in all the years I’ve been gardening.

I potted the Coleus that I didn’t plant yesterday along with two Kongs that I rooted in the new pots. Some were too big so I took some Jade, New Orleans Red and Dark Star cuttings.

It was starting to get dark, but I wanted to finish one more chore. I got some soil conditioner and steer manure and amended a little flat in the front yard so I can plant a six pack of Snapdragons that my brother bought. I also transplanted 5 pots of Calendula that I grew from seeds

2 Free Smith & Hawken Biostack Compost Bins

I just saw an ad for 2 free Smith & Hawken Biostack Compost Bins. I just emailed the poster and I hope the bins are not taken yet.

[added July 8, 2005]
The poster never emailed me back and the ad is no longer up, so I’m assuming it’s no longer available.