Late, but…

I took a day off of work today to bring my mom to a doctor’s appointment. Before we left, I had the chance to check out the back garden, which I hardly get to see in daylight since the days are so damn short.

I turned the compost in our new Smith & Hawkins BioStack Composter, which I won at a city composting workshop, and can definitely feel the heat being generated. I want to get another one, so if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to get rid of yours, I’ll take it.

Compost bin photo

Found Avocado…

Lately, I’ve been thinking of what kind of trees I would like to have once I buy my own house. I want something that is not only nice, but also serves another purpose like for fruits or shade.

A few entries ago, I posted pictures of a Lemon Grass that I grew. commented on it and mentioned an avocado, which I didn’t even think of. So I read the link that she gave me and have been reading up on growing avocados.

I told my mom that I want an avocado tree and guess what she said? About 6 months ago, she found 2 seeds in the compost pile that were sprouting and she planted them. She told me that they are under the plum tree. So I checked it out and what do you know… we have a couple of avocado plants…

Found Avocado

I’m going to replant these into a large container tomorrow and give them more sun so they grow well… Ya, know… for my future back yard :)

Lemon Grass Update…

About a month ago ( June 13 entry ), I potted a Lemon Grass stalk that I rooted in water. It’s doing well and the side shoot has emerged. Some of the outer leaves of the main stalk started turning brown, so I removed them, which revealed more shoots.

My Lemon Grass has rooted…

About a week and a half ago, I bought some Lemon Grass from Seafood City (a Filipino grocery store) and soaked it in water to see if it’ll root.

Well, it did!!!… and I noticed that a side shoot was starting to sprout, so I planted it in a pot with soil and hopefully it’ll start growing more shoots. I never grew or seen a Lemon Grass plant, so I don’t know if I should cut the original stalk back.

Close up of the roots and sprout
Lemon Grass close up

The planted Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass planted