Seed Organization + Sowing Nightshades at Night

Last night… I organized my seed packets and collect seeds from some dried seed pods. Here are the remains of the cracked Porcupine Tomato seedpods.

Dried Porcupine Tomatoes

This afternoon… As I was taking a break from work, I was being teased by some Passion Fruits. I wanted so much to pick one from the vine, but it was about 10 foot off the ground…

Earlier this evening… When I got home from work, I was surprised by a yellow flower from the Elkhorn Plant that I purchased just a few days ago. Here it is wide open, but the flower closes back at night.

Crabby's Flower

Before going to bed… I sowed 4 more members of the Nighshade family:

Sweet 100 Tomato
Solanum pyracanthum (Porcupine Tomato)
Orange Ornamental Pepper from Virginia
Scarlet Chinese Eggplant

Late, but…

I took a day off of work today to bring my mom to a doctor’s appointment. Before we left, I had the chance to check out the back garden, which I hardly get to see in daylight since the days are so damn short.

I turned the compost in our new Smith & Hawkins BioStack Composter, which I won at a city composting workshop, and can definitely feel the heat being generated. I want to get another one, so if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to get rid of yours, I’ll take it.

Compost bin photo