This morning I did a lot of weeding in the vegetable beds. I pulled out the spent Snap Peas and the bolting Lettuce. I also cut away the dead or dying leaves on the bottom part of the Cucumbers and Tomatoes.

Bolted Lettuce

The Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans and Tendergreen Bush Bean are both doing well. They are actually growing better than the Bataw that my mom transplanted.

My grandma, aunts, uncle and cousin came by and came over in the afternoon and we all gathered in the garden checking out the plants and picking fruits (pears, peaches and plums).

I potted the Coleus “Pineapple” and “Copper Splash” cutting which I took on the 27th. It took about 12 days for these to root. I also took cutting of Coleus “Wild Lime (mistagged)” and “Gay’s Delight”.

In the front yard, I cut down the spent Gladiola stalks and removed all the dead leaves off the Yucca which has grown so big.

All in all, I think I collect six 5-gallon pots full of leaves and spent flower for the compost pile.


Friday, July 8

At work, I butchered the Coleus that I overwintered in my office. The plants are so leggy (about 3 feet tall). I’ll root the cuttings and plant them as a group once they’ve rooted.

Overwintered Coleus Wizard at work

Coleus Wizard Green(?) Cuttings

Coleus Wizard Rose Cuttings

After work, I passed by Target and bought a Yellow Cape Fushia (Phygelius Funfare) along with an untagged striped Coleus.

I also passed by Home Depot and got another bag of potting soil and steer manure. I also got a six pack of Sonnet Mix Snapdragons, to plant along the ones I planted yesterday.

Once home, I saw my mom’s broken Jade plant (see previous entry). I’m not sure what to do about it so I just left it for now. I’ll post a query online and see if anyone has any suggestions.

I planted the Snapdragons and pulled some weeds while my mom dead-heads the roses and Kelly (our dog) plays on the grass.

Help: Need Advice on a Broken Jade Plant…

When I went to the garden today, I noticed that my mom’s Jade Plant (Crassula argentea) was laying on the ground. At first I thought my mom pulled it out, but after inspecting it, it looks like the plant broke from its weight. I was wondering why my mom would pull a plant that we’ve had for over 18 years. It has grown over 5 feet tall (64 inches); the trunk measured about 5 inch in diameter and about 16 inch around.

Help!… I’m not sure what to do. Will this plant root if I dig a hole and place the broken trunk in it? Will it root if I place the trunk in a bucket of water? Is there a way to save or revive the whole plant?

My Mom’s broken Jade Plant

Broken Jade Plant

3 more photos of the break, stump and trunk