This morning I did a lot of weeding in the vegetable beds. I pulled out the spent Snap Peas and the bolting Lettuce. I also cut away the dead or dying leaves on the bottom part of the Cucumbers and Tomatoes.

Bolted Lettuce

The Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans and Tendergreen Bush Bean are both doing well. They are actually growing better than the Bataw that my mom transplanted.

My grandma, aunts, uncle and cousin came by and came over in the afternoon and we all gathered in the garden checking out the plants and picking fruits (pears, peaches and plums).

I potted the Coleus “Pineapple” and “Copper Splash” cutting which I took on the 27th. It took about 12 days for these to root. I also took cutting of Coleus “Wild Lime (mistagged)” and “Gay’s Delight”.

In the front yard, I cut down the spent Gladiola stalks and removed all the dead leaves off the Yucca which has grown so big.

All in all, I think I collect six 5-gallon pots full of leaves and spent flower for the compost pile.

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    the cd

    he was so stoked about that cd too!

    he told everybody he knew! Hell he even told me 3 times!


  • I am so jealous of your coleus! They’re so expensive to buy as an annual, but it looks like you have no trouble overwintering indoors and rooting cuttings. I’ll have to try that :)

    • They can be expensive, especially when you collect them like I’m starting to. They range from $2.49 to $4.99 around this area… But I see this as a hobby or collection that I really enjoy, so that make it worth it for me. Plus, I constantly make root cutting, so my Kong Coleus that I bought for $4.99, has produced 6 new plants.

      I actually overwintered those be accident. I had them as a plants at work and they just didn’t die. I was lucky to have a cubicle with a large window. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when we move in 2 weeks. I will no longer have a window or “natural” light.