Official Start of My Fall/Winter Garden…

I haven’t been gardening much during the summer, but on Saturday, I made a point to get my butt to Mid-City Nursery to see if they had any fall/winter vegetables to plant. They had a lot of variety of cool weather plants and I ended up with three kinds of Kale plants, a White Alpine Strawberry and Brussels Sprouts in my cart.

When I was at the counter, the cashier asked if I found everything okay. I reply yes… then remembered that I wanted a Chilean Guava plant, so I asked if they carried it. She actually knew what it was because she called it Ugni (its genus). She then lead me to the shrubs area and found the plant right away. There was one left and it’s now mine :)

When I got home I took photos of the plants, but I haven’t uploaded them to my Mac yet, so those are still to come.

Can’t wait to start planting!!! :)

Garden Maintenance…

The Garlic that I planted in the fall has totally failed, so I amended the soil and planted a packet of Tendergreen Bush Beans. I’ve never planted bush bean before, and I’m worried that once the emerge, the pincher bugs are gonna gobble them up.

The Sparkler Radishes that I planted earlier this year has bolted (pic) and didn’t form bulbous roots, so I just pulled them out, chopped it up and put it in the compost bin.

The Gladiolas in the front is starting to bloom. They are so red… I gotta take pictures of them.

The Plums keep dropping their fruits so my mom, placed a tarp under the tree to catch the fruit. I think we’ve harvest like 3 grocery bags full of plum. I’ve brought some to work, and have another batch for tomorrow.

The Grapefruit tree in front have TONS of fruits. Last night my mom picked 2 grocery bag fulls and we brought it to my brother’s house.

I noticed that one of the Strawberry plants sent out another running. I can’t decide if I wanna keep it or snip it of so the energy goes to the berries.

Is this a moss or fungi?

I bought a strawberry plant and it had this moss or fungi looking thing growing with it.

moss or fungi looking thing

Does anyone know what this is?

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Sunday’s Plantings…

On Sunday, I planted Aurea, a cool little “stepable” ground cover, randomly here and there. I want it to take root and spread because I just love it’s color.

Lyssimachia nummularia “Aurea”

My mom planted some Bataw (a Filipino bean)

I started planting a 6 pack of Sequoia in the strawberry pot I bought on Saturday, then realized I needed more strawberries to top it off… so I took a trip to Target. I ended up buying 3 more Strawberry plants, a Coleus and a Euphorbia

My Target purchases
Target purchases

Closeup of Euphorbia polygona “Snowflake”

Closeup of Coleus

The completed Strawberry Pot
Strawberry Pot

I also planted 3 other pots: (left to right) Euphorbia polygona “Snowflake”, Acanthorhipsalis monacantha, Euphorbia obesa
Repotted Cactus

In the front yard, I tore some weeds out to create a new bed for some sunflowers.

Sunflower bed (before)
Sunflower bed (before)

Sunflower bed (after)
Sunflower bed (after)

…and finally here’s Kelly (our dog) pretending she’s a lawn mower