Official Start of My Fall/Winter Garden…

I haven’t been gardening much during the summer, but on Saturday, I made a point to get my butt to Mid-City Nursery to see if they had any fall/winter vegetables to plant. They had a lot of variety of cool weather plants and I ended up with three kinds of Kale plants, a White Alpine Strawberry and Brussels Sprouts in my cart.

When I was at the counter, the cashier asked if I found everything okay. I reply yes… then remembered that I wanted a Chilean Guava plant, so I asked if they carried it. She actually knew what it was because she called it Ugni (its genus). She then lead me to the shrubs area and found the plant right away. There was one left and it’s now mine :)

When I got home I took photos of the plants, but I haven’t uploaded them to my Mac yet, so those are still to come.

Can’t wait to start planting!!! :)

  • I so wish I could plant for winter. Alas, it’s the last week here that anything will survive. I’m bringing plants in that I want to save. Can’t wait to see your pics!

    • Yeah, I’m pretty fortunate that w can grow some veggies (cole crops and peas) in the winter. I also may try some beets and carrots.

      Hope you have space for all your plants to overwinter. I know some of us have limited space indoors.

      • It’s more limited this year than last, so I’m having to make some difficult choices.