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Saturday, March 17, 2007

I hardly did any gardening today since I went to San Francisco and Oakland to hang out with friends. We saw Zodiac then had “tea service” at… um, I forgot the restaurant. Later, we did some shopping and had dinner at The Home of Chicken and Waffles in Oakland.

I also happened to see a common weed along the side of the road, but this one had variegated leaves, so I took a cutting. I’ll post a photo of it later, to see if anyone can identify it, since I don’t know its name.

Sunday, March 18, 2008

I took a whole bunch of photos in the garden today. I was going to take more photos, but the sun was kinda harsh. My mom was so cute; she helped my by holding a sheet of cardboard to block the direct light from the plants and flowers I photographed.

Siberian Squill   First Columbine Flower

My Mom also showed me a shrub that she had been growing for a few years. She said that this is the first time it bloomed this profusely. I asked he what it was, but she said she lost the tag. Anyone know what this plant/flower is?

Unknown Flower (2 of 3)   Unknown Flower (3 of 3)

I made some Orchid mix with some bark, perlite and charcoal. Initially, I was just going to pot the all white Cymbidium that I bought for my Mom, but she caught me and asked if I can pot the other Orchids she purchased at the SF Orchid show too… so I ended up potting about 3 Orchids.

Potted Cactus and Succulents

I also made a large batch of Cactus mix out for potting soil, perlite and sand. I potted most of my recent succulent purchases from the 99ยข store and the Sonoma Orchid show. I ended up potting about 18 Cactus and Succulents.

Avocado + Oxalis

It’s been a tiring two days, with me and my Mom going back and forth between home and the South Bay for my sister-in-law’s father’s funeral.

We got to visit my Aunt’s and Uncle’s second house; the one with three Avocado trees. I was excited to actually see a real life Avocado tree.

My Aunt also gave me some Oxalis weeds that I’ve been wanting for a while. They looks like this. I know they can spread rapidly, but I’m going to plant these in a pot to keep it at bay. We have some other types of Oxalis weeds, but the are not at all as rampant as I’ve heard people say they are. I just think these Yellow Oxalis are so pretty.

(Unknown) Weeds Weeds Weeds

Today at my Grandma’s house, I saw these weeds:

This unknown weed has dandelion-like flowers, but the plant stands upright
Unknown Weed at My Grandma's
[Added Jan. 23, 2006] This is Senecio vulgaris (Groundsel). Thanks to Seoras64 on flickr for the ID.

Unknown Weed at My Grandma's
[Added Jan. 23, 2006] This is Erodium cicutarium (Red-stemmed Filaree). Thanks to mschmidt62 on flickr for the ID. Also in the photo is a tiny Anagallis arvensis (Scarlet Pimpernel).

I also saw this weed a few days ago on Broadway Street (San Francisco). I really like the texture on its leaves. Anyone know what this is?

Unknown Weed
[Added Jan. 23, 2006] This is Urtica dioica (Stinging Nettle). Thanks to urtica on flickr for the ID.

Pretty Weeds

As I was taking a break at work. I noticed this this spent Dandelion flower under a tree on the sidewalk (The Embarcadero/Levi’s Plaza Park, San Francisco). Luckily, I was carrying my camera and I snapped up this photo:

Spent Dandelion Flower
Spent Dandelion Flower

I then noticed more weeds.

Unknown Weeds
Unknown Weeds   Unknown Weeds

Anyone know what these two weeds are?

Right before writing this entry, I responded to comment about one of my older Oxalis photos. I then remembered that I had another photo of light purple Oxalis that grow as weed in our cactus and succulent pots. I just leave them and enjoy there added color.

Pretty Oxalis Flowers
Pretty Oxalis Flowers

Sunday’s Plantings…

On Sunday, I planted Aurea, a cool little “stepable” ground cover, randomly here and there. I want it to take root and spread because I just love it’s color.

Lyssimachia nummularia “Aurea”

My mom planted some Bataw (a Filipino bean)

I started planting a 6 pack of Sequoia in the strawberry pot I bought on Saturday, then realized I needed more strawberries to top it off… so I took a trip to Target. I ended up buying 3 more Strawberry plants, a Coleus and a Euphorbia

My Target purchases
Target purchases

Closeup of Euphorbia polygona “Snowflake”

Closeup of Coleus

The completed Strawberry Pot
Strawberry Pot

I also planted 3 other pots: (left to right) Euphorbia polygona “Snowflake”, Acanthorhipsalis monacantha, Euphorbia obesa
Repotted Cactus

In the front yard, I tore some weeds out to create a new bed for some sunflowers.

Sunflower bed (before)
Sunflower bed (before)

Sunflower bed (after)
Sunflower bed (after)

…and finally here’s Kelly (our dog) pretending she’s a lawn mower

Mystery Plant

I have a weed in one of my containers that I can’t identify. I don’t want to kill it because I’m fascinated with the plant. At first I thought it was a pepper or tomato, but it doesn’t seem to be one.

The plant is about a foot and a half in height and has leaves that resemble a pepper or tomato leaf. It has round green fruits that look like a tomato, but is only about 1/4 inch round and turns to a dark purple (almost black).

Photo 1
1. The fruits above are about 1/4 inch round and turn a dark purple (almost black).

Photo 2
2. This is a similar plant I saw in an empty lot in San Francisco. Same fruits, but the leaves are slightly different from the one I have at home.

Can anyone identify these plants? Thank you.

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