Tweets From the Garden…

  • 1:39pm Plum (near storage) is getting close to opening its flower buds #
  • 2:06pm Yellow Jasmine and Yellox Oxalis have started blooming in our back yard. #
  • 2:11pm I took my stone fruit scions (peach, plum, nectarine, cherry, etc.) out of the refridgerator to come out of "winter" mode… #
  • 3:01pm Just received some seed swaps in the mail:
    Emerald Giant Pepper,
    Black from Tula Tomato and
    Golden Marconi Pepper. #

Wish List: Brazilian Oxalis ‘Silver and Gold’

I just saw someone posting a photo of this Oxalis that doesn’t look like any other Oxalis I’ve ever seen.

Brazilian Oxalis ‘Silver and Gold’ ( DG PlantFile )

Avocado + Oxalis

It’s been a tiring two days, with me and my Mom going back and forth between home and the South Bay for my sister-in-law’s father’s funeral.

We got to visit my Aunt’s and Uncle’s second house; the one with three Avocado trees. I was excited to actually see a real life Avocado tree.

My Aunt also gave me some Oxalis weeds that I’ve been wanting for a while. They looks like this. I know they can spread rapidly, but I’m going to plant these in a pot to keep it at bay. We have some other types of Oxalis weeds, but the are not at all as rampant as I’ve heard people say they are. I just think these Yellow Oxalis are so pretty.


It’s beginning to looks like… Spring?

Pink Hyacinth  Blue Hyacinth

Daffodil  Oxalis

Pretty Weeds

As I was taking a break at work. I noticed this this spent Dandelion flower under a tree on the sidewalk (The Embarcadero/Levi’s Plaza Park, San Francisco). Luckily, I was carrying my camera and I snapped up this photo:

Spent Dandelion Flower
Spent Dandelion Flower

I then noticed more weeds.

Unknown Weeds
Unknown Weeds   Unknown Weeds

Anyone know what these two weeds are?

Right before writing this entry, I responded to comment about one of my older Oxalis photos. I then remembered that I had another photo of light purple Oxalis that grow as weed in our cactus and succulent pots. I just leave them and enjoy there added color.

Pretty Oxalis Flowers
Pretty Oxalis Flowers

Older Photos…

I was going through older photos in my iPhoto library and found two that I took at my friend, Howard’s, old apartment. These were taken on March 2001.

Yellow Oxalis
Yellow Oxalis

I use to call these Clovers, but recently discovered that they are actually Oxalis. They grow as weeds in San Francisco and I read that they are hard to get rid of. One of my friend, Dave, told me that as a child he use to pick the long flower stems and suck on them. I tried it and surprised to find it very tangy like a lemon.