Pretty Weeds

As I was taking a break at work. I noticed this this spent Dandelion flower under a tree on the sidewalk (The Embarcadero/Levi’s Plaza Park, San Francisco). Luckily, I was carrying my camera and I snapped up this photo:

Spent Dandelion Flower
Spent Dandelion Flower

I then noticed more weeds.

Unknown Weeds
Unknown Weeds   Unknown Weeds

Anyone know what these two weeds are?

Right before writing this entry, I responded to comment about one of my older Oxalis photos. I then remembered that I had another photo of light purple Oxalis that grow as weed in our cactus and succulent pots. I just leave them and enjoy there added color.

Pretty Oxalis Flowers
Pretty Oxalis Flowers

  • The oxalis might be Oxalis violacea (violet wood sorrel).

    • Thanks for your identification. I’ll have to research more and see if it is Oxalis violacea or Oxalis acetosella.

  • Yep! That’s the one! :) I love that yellow variety though.