Avocado + Oxalis

It’s been a tiring two days, with me and my Mom going back and forth between home and the South Bay for my sister-in-law’s father’s funeral.

We got to visit my Aunt’s and Uncle’s second house; the one with three Avocado trees. I was excited to actually see a real life Avocado tree.

My Aunt also gave me some Oxalis weeds that I’ve been wanting for a while. They looks like this. I know they can spread rapidly, but I’m going to plant these in a pot to keep it at bay. We have some other types of Oxalis weeds, but the are not at all as rampant as I’ve heard people say they are. I just think these Yellow Oxalis are so pretty.

  • Oh I love that tree! I’ve tried taking a seed and starting one, but it just never works. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    • I don’t have luck rooting those seeds either. They just get slimy and yucky! Though, my mom did find one growing in the compost pile. If you have a compost pile, maybe you can stick the seeds on top of it and see if they grow… Here’s a link to a past entry showing the Avocado she found. ( linky linky )

      • I think maybe I needed to plant the seeds in lighter soil. That might have been my problem. I’m going to give it another try and see. No compost pile, yet. But I need to start one this year.

  • Nice photos. Amazing tree. Looks about twice or thrice the size of my mom’s bigger avocado tree. Makes me miss CA. That’s great you have baby avocado plants! My parents grew these trees ages ago by sticking a seed with toothpicks and placing in a cup of water. I’ve tried that several times and never got my seeds to root. Haven’t bothered trying since living here in Pittsburgh. Wouldn’t know what to do with it during the winters.

    I miss having fruit trees though! I have dwarf fruit trees on order though. I’m hoping to manage those!