Auntie’s Orchids

Auntie's Orchids (1)   Auntie's Orchids (1)

[Added Feb. 8, 2006] These are Miltassia Royal Robe ‘Jerry’s Pick’ and Beallara Peggy Ruth Carpenter ‘Morning Joy’. Thanks to Flickr user ‘Dave on Long Island’ for the ID.

  • Gorgeous :) I have one similar to the top one. It’s just finished flowering a couple of weeks ago though.

    • They are gorgeous! Once I get my own place, I’ll ask my Aunt to get me some. I’m not really that big on orchids, but I like how the ones she has as pretty compact plants. I found out their names from a Flickr user and I’ll edit my entry.

  • Those are so beautiful!

    • Hey you! I didn’t know you were on LiveJournal too… Hope you don’t mind if I add you as a friend :)

      • Go for it, I already added you =)

        I don’t post on here though, I only have an account so that I can leave comments in other people’s journals and read friends entries, etc.

        I quit blogging years ago, long story.

  • I have orchid envy…I have a talent of killing orchids.

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