On the Way to Work + On the Way Home

As I was walking to work this morning, I took an alternating route and saw this Coleus planted outside a large-well-known company’s window.

I was so tempted to take a little piece off to root, but they still look young… plus there were a lot of people around and I was sure they had a security camera…

Hmmm? Maybe when these grow bigger, I may revisit it… and accidentally bump into it.

Coleus Seen on My Way to Work

The weather is nice and has really warmed up, so I’m slowly taking the overwintering cuttings at work home… I’ll be bring them in batches… basically, whatever I can fit in a grocery bag.

Welcome Back Home (Batch 1)

top (left to right): Coleus ‘Amora?’, Coleus ‘Oompah’
bottom (left to right): Unknown Coleus (from Target), Plectranthus ‘Zulu Wonder’

Once I got to Vallejo, I stopped by Home Depot, and tried to resist buying more Coleus… Didn’t work

Both unlabeled. Damnit!!!

New Coleus 1   New Coleus 2

I had the one on the right last year, but it didn’t survive. The label said ‘Cache’, but other Coleus were also labeled ‘Cache’, so I don’t think that this is it’s actual name.

  • Anonymous

    Hi there!

    Hi Joel! I luv your b/w picture!

  • ‘accidentally bump into it’
    this is something only another gardener could understand.
    i dare you to say that to a normal person.

    ‘amora’ is lovely.

    • Another would be to save the broken cacti and succulent limbs that have broken off in the store… since they would otherwise die and/or just be swept away. We just want to do our part and give them a chance…

  • Bless your larcenous soul.

    You do it by pretending to pick a bug off one of the leaves, contemplating the “bug” for a moment, and then plucking and palming a small piece very quickly and putting it in your pocket for the BRIEF time it takes you to connect it with a water source. You don’t need a huge cutting to propagate coleus.

    • I see I’m getting pointers from a pro!!! :) I’ll have to set up a plan…

      oh… and thank you for your annotation on the photo on flickr. That’s a great use of the notes feature :)

      Thanks :)