Are the Streets Not Safe?

I just went through one of the most frightening experiences in my life.

I was walking our dog Calli near the bay and we were attacked by a stray pit bull.

As we were walking back home, I saw a dog running towards us across the street from about a block away. My first instinct was to hide Calli, so I pushed her behind some bushes that were against a fence.

When the pit bull got to us, it felt like D-day. I started kicking at the pit bull as wildly as I could and at the same time, tried to keep Calli away. I’m not sure if this was effective because it seem like the pit bull automatically got a hold of Calli’s back and was trying to bite her. I grabbed onto the pit bulls collar (Thank God the pit bull had a collar!) and yanked as hard as I could. The pit bull still persisted and I saw that she was trying to bite Calli near the neck.

We were circling around and around, bark mulch was flying everywhere… and at this point I felt despiration. Luckily, a car stopped and a lady came out and shouted, “Which one is your dog?”

It was hard to talk, but I managed to tell her the black one. She said she was going to put Calli in her car and drive us home. All this time, I was still holding to the pit bulls collar and yanking and yanking. She shouted to get in the car. I let go of the pit bull pushing it away as hard as I could, then jumped in the car, trying not of open the door as wide as I could.

She then asked were I lived, and drove us away. I could see the pit bull jumping at the window. The lady’s husband shouted, drive away. She said she didn’t want to run over the dog… and the husband said “I don’t care! Run over that damn dog! I hate pit bulls! I hate pit bulls!”

Once we got home, I could barely speak, but I put Calli back in her house, and offered the woman a towel to wipe her car. She said to get peroxide, then said she’s going to go. I was still shaky and thanked her so much.

I rushed to call the police and they connected me with someone else. I forgot if it was the county sherrif, but they told me that they sent out animal control to see if they can find the pit bull still roaming around.

I then checked to see Calli’s injuries. She seemed fine, but had a cut or gashed near the back of her left shoulder blade. I put some peroxide, then called the vet for advice, but they were closed. I called my boss, and was comforted since Calli just got here rabies shots last week.

Finally, as I was looking at Calli records, I noticed I’ve been spelling her name wrong. Apparently, her name is Calli not Kelly.