Houston… We Have Leafage!

Back in April 17, I posted a photo of a sprouting Taro from our pantry. After 16 days, its first leaf has emerged.

Day 0

Sprouting Taro

Day 1 – Planted

Planted Taro (Day 1)

Day 6 – About 3 inches tall

Taro (Day 6)

Closeup of roots – Look at them strong legs!

Close up of Taro Roots (Day 6)

Day 11 – 5 inches tall

Taro (Day 11)

Day 13 – Emerging leaf – 6.25 inches tall

Taro (Day 13)

Closeup of emerging leaf

Close up of Emerging Taro Leaf (Day 13)

Day 14 – Almost out – barely 8 inches tall

Taro (Day 14)

Day 16 – Yeay!!!!

Taro (Day 16)

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  • ooh, i am so glad that we are gardenfriends.
    this photojourney ROCKS!

    are you growing this to eat or for foliage?

    • Thank you so much patchoullijulie!!! :) I’m glad we are garden friends too… I enjoyed looking through you journal and photos last night, but didn’t go that far… just up to the firepit :) I’ll have to go through it later…

      I’m basically growing this for fun and for shade for my Coleus. I got the idea from Meighan’s Taro. Another gardenfriend :)