Cheap planting pots that are readily available…

My Coleus and Plectranthus cuttings at work have rooted, so I really have to get some pots and plant them in soil. I don’t want to bring a bunch of mismatched 4 inch pots to work, because they are sitting my co-workers office, and I don’t want them too look too unsightly. I searched the internet for bulk pots that were taller than regular 4 inch pots, but not wider. I couldn’t fine any; they were either too expensive or too large a quantity to buy.

I went to my friend’s Christmas party this evening and they had clear plastic Solo drinking cups. Measuring 4 inches at the top lip, 2.5 inches at the base and 5 inches tall, they were close to the size I wanted… so, at the end of the party, I helped clean up, collected the drinking cups and brought them home. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that they were clear.

I stopped by the grocery and found opaque ones called SoloGrips in different colors. I can use these as the pots. I’ll cut the clear one to about an inch tall and use those as the saucers. Very Cool!!!… Cheap planting pots that are readily available!

I’ll make one up and take photos to illustrate what I said above.

  • Clever bit of recycling. Hope they work well.

  • Are you going to put in drainage holes? My attempts to put holes in plastic cups have caused them to crack.

    Just a thought: one can buy matching mugs or glasses at goodwill fairly inexpensively. I’ve used a power drill and a ceramic/glass drill bit to put drainage holes in bowls & other dishes.

    • I put 6 drainage holes in each one. I first poked tiny holes with a pins, then twisted a small phillips screwdriver where the holes were. If I don’t use to much force and just let the friction do the work, the plastic cups don’t crack (too much)…

      I was thinking of using a soldering iron, but I didn’t want to inhale the burnt plastic.

      • suggestion

        I’ve used an old ice pick to put holes in the bottom of plastic cups, tubs, and other things. I just heat the pick in an open flame, such as a gas burner or candle, then it slide in easily. I didn’t notice any odor or fume from the plastic. I am sensitive to such things usually.

  • I’ve used Solo cups for plants before, too. They do work very well, and you can’t beat the price. :)

    P.S. Hope it’s ok if I add you. I like your journal.