Garden Status…

I didn’t have work today, so I was able to do a little garden work and snap more pictures.

I checked the Brussel Sprouts and Swiss Chard and they are doing okay, but there was a lot of snail/slug damage :)

The Sugar Snap Peas that I planted on the 8th are sprouting. I can’t tell if the leaves have not opened up, or if they were eaten by snail, slugs, pill bugs and/or earwigs. I’ll have to recheck tomorrow.

I turned the leaves in the compost bin, and you can see the steam rising. Looks like the BioStack is doing a much better job at heating the compost up than my garbage can bins. I did notice these weird bugs under the lid with ants tending them, kinda aphid size, but they looked a little different than aphids.

The Dutch Irises and Spring Star Flower that I potted up on the 8th are emerging.

The Coleus survivors are surprisingly still hanging on, but I really should get some cuttings… and I should get off my behind and get the old aquarium in the patio and bring it in and put some grow-lights!!!

  • Getting cuttings is easy. Snip, snop, strip lower leaves, place in water and bob’s your uncle. If you wait till you get the whole project organized (aquarium, grow lights, etc.), you may miss your window of opportunity.

    At least, that’s how it works Chez Blanchard.

    • I thought Bob was my cousin? hehe… When I found the aquarium in the back, I forgot that it already had fluorescent lights for plant growth… so I didn’t have to buy anything…