Spider (Long Exposure Test)

Spider (Long Exposure Test)

I saw this spider in front of our doorway in the middle of the night.

There was barely enough light, so I used a combination of my Palm Treo’s screen, plus a 2 second exposure to capture this. (I didn’t want to use a flash)

I wanted to take another one, but she decided to go.

(Levels and sharpness adjusted with iPhoto)

  • Great shot. I’m amazed that she sat there for 2 seconds!

    • It actually stood still for a long time… I think it was playing dead….

      I’m still learning my camera’s features… maybe, I’ll graduate to a more advanced camera like your Canon EOS… but I love the 2″ screen that can swivel out and tilted… make it easy to take macros, which I do a lot of…