Seeds-a-Beckoning + Dog Walk

As I was walking from the carpool lot to my car, parked several blocks away, I noticed these seeds scattered here and there as if it was a trail marker. It was beckoning me collect it… so I did.


I have a feeling that some school children were eating “whatever this is” and spitting it out the seeds as they walked home. These may be Loquat seeds, but I’m not sure.

Once I got home, I took our dog Kelly for a walk. We walked all the way along the bay. She’s getting old, but she still enjoyed getting out. We saw these two doin’ it on a bush by the bay.

Makin' Baby Ladybirds

Finally, the sun began to set… and we headed back home.

  • they look like loquat seeds to me, too.
    my kids have been snagging them from the alley trees.

    awww, those bugs are just huggin’. :)

    • Are they good? What do they taste like?… I was considering planting it…

      • joey, loquats are good. when ripe, they are very sweet.
        almost all seed, i can’t describe the texture of their flesh.
        the trees are beautiful & very tropical looking.
        long leaves. they can be pruned to be fantastic & gorgeous.

        somewhere in my recipes, i might still have a coop stash of recipes,
        like jam & stuff.

        if you have the room & need for a shade tree, i think you should plant them.

  • Lovely sunset! You captured it great.

    ANd the bugs, cute!!

    • Thank you gypsy_soul… I haven’t really photographed landscapes, but saw this and thought I would capture it. It turned out okay for one of my firsts. Maybe I’ll try more, but now I want to get a telephoto lens for my camera.

  • Ah, more great photos! I keep going back to look at your seeds photo. :)

    • Cool!!! It seems like seeds are an odd thing to photograph, but I noticed that I do have quite a few… and it started with the Star Anise I saw.

      I basically take photos of they to document when and how I found them, so in case I plant them, I have their “baby” picture :)

  • You are like the opposite of Johnny Appleseed. You collect and find more seeds than any person I have ever met. It is so trippy. Good luck with them.