My Shelves and Growlights

I missed carpool because I worked a little late, so I had to ride the BART, then take a city link bus to get to Vallejo. I got home around 8:45pm and was so tired. Once I walked in the house, I saw a package from Rosy Dawn Gardens. YEAY!!! … My Coleus…. I took photos, but they are still in my camera. I’ll post them later today.

Before I post them, I wanted to show photos of the shelves I added in my bedroom to grow seedlings and overwinter cuttings. This photo was taken about a month ago.

Growlight Shelves

Below is a new photo of the bottom shelf that mostly houses my Coleus. Some are grown from seeds that I collected last year and some are overwintered cuttings. Click on the photo to see some notes I added on with flickr.

Seedlings and Cuttings

  • Awww…

    Your niece and nephew have journals too? That’s cool! =D

    Oh, hello there. I found your LJ through Engs’ friends list. I’m Alan. Nice to meet you. *waves*

    Take care!

    • Re: Awww…

      Hi Alan *waves back* It’s nice meeting you… Yeah, I just met eNgS recently and he’s a nice guy… I just added you as a friend… I look forward to reading yer entries -Joel c”,)

      • Re: Awww…

        Thanks Joel! I added you too. I always enjoy making new friends. =)

  • wow…it all looks fantastic! Lovely set up and lovely plants.

    • Hehe… If you only knew how crowded my room is… Thank you though :)

  • Oh I love that setup! And your coleus look fantastic!!!

    Every time I’m in the garden center and I see Coleus I think of you. I’m always wondering if you have this or that particular variety. I need to start writing them down so I can ask you. :)

    • Thanks a lot! That is so thoughtful :) I do wish I had more space, but I’ll probably just have more, and then I would wish for more space again… and so on, and so on… :)

  • Some of your coleus seedlings look really interesting!…and the two cuttings, mostly yellow, in the lower right corner have me curious as to what they are.

    I left my camera at work but this evening I’ll try to put up a pic of ‘Rustic Orange’ so we can compare.

    • I think you are talking about ‘Gay’s Delight’ (purple veins) and ‘Wild Lime’ (yellow center). They are in their winter coloration, so they may not look familiar.

      I added more detailed notes on Flickr if you want to double check.