Variegata / Variegatus

After work, there was a lot of traffic on the freeway, so I exited and decided to see what they had at Yard Birds.

I found a Zebra Iris (Iris pallida ‘Variegata’) which I’ve wanted since I saw on a TV show. I’ve never seen one in person so I had to snag this one.

Zebra Iris

I also saw a Ornamental Grass (Acorus germineus ‘Variegatus’) which looked like a miniature Zebra Iris. It had a broken seed head so I had to save it.

Found Ornamental Grass Seeds

  • We’re both collosal robots! ^_^

  • Whoops, no I’m not.

    I’m a collosal LIZARD.

    Oh well.

    At least we’re both COLLOSAL!

  • Mr. Wavingpalms

    If that is mr. Wavingpalms in his icon. I suggest you date him. Beyond P.K. (pang alis kati)

    • Re: Mr. Wavingpalms

      that is so cute…

    • Re: Mr. Wavingpalms

      but doesne’t mr. wavingpalms live toooo far from him?

  • “I had to save it.”

    Very nice.

    • I don’t know why, but seeds like these just tend to break off when I’m around! ;)

  • Cool iris. I have a variegated day lily, but no variegated iris yet.

    • Wow! I’ve never seen a variegated daylily. I bet those look amazing and work well in the garden.

  • The varigated iris are lovely. I’ve got one in the front garden. There’s also a green and yellow varigated version too, but I’ve not got that one yet.

    • I’m surprised I only discovered these plants recently. I read that they have been hybridized in the 30s or 40s.

  • My Iris pallida ‘Variegata’ last year –

    Man, they don’t even NEED flowers! But the flowers smell like grape koolaid. :b

    • Ooo, so pretty against the tree there. Is it a Japanese Maple?

      • Yes it is, the variety ‘Shindeshojo’. I call this my “Dr. Seuss Garden” *g*

    • Amazing photo and layout. I love all the colors. I didn’t know the flowers had a scent. I can’t wait to get a whiff of that grape Koolaid. Hey Koolaid!!! :)

  • I have a variegated Iris in my front yard. I love it!

    • I’ll soon be planting these in my front yard too. I hope they multiple quickly.