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  • I can understand your concern. I don’t like that kind of thing, either. Tell ya a kinda funny thing that happened with our neighbor. He was never friendly, but his girlfriend was. Larry was rude and cranky all the time, but never gave us any trouble until she left him and he got married to someone else. She was cranky, just like him and rude. They started causing all sorts of problems over any little thing they could do… mow down my flowers near the boundary, run over my little border fencing, complain about everything. We started praying that God would move them out… not pushing my religion, just sayin’.. lol… and soon, he got a big promotion to Colorado and they moved out. Soon, some new and wonderful neighbors moved in. Right after that, something happened to Larry’s new job and they ended up back here in his old job. They wanted the house back, but it was too late. JOY JOY!!! lol! Now he’s someone else’s problem. (I feel bad for his new neighbors, but… I’m happy anyway.)