Bunch of Plants Purchased and Potted Up…

It started to rain last night and for some reason I felt the need to buy some leafy winter vegetable starts, so I visited Mid City Nursery this afternoon. I didn’t find any leafy vegetables, but I got a six-pack of Walla Walla Sweet Onions which contained about 17 seedlings. I haven’t grew big Onions, so this will be good experience.

I also looked for different colored Carrots and found Blend of Colors Carrot seeds which contains 4 varieties: Cosmic Purple, Lunar White, Solar Yellow and Atomic Red.

I also wanted to try Parsnips, so I got a packet of seeds, but when I got home, I discovered they were not Parnips, but Parsley… actually Hamburg Root Parsley ‘Piestruska’ which seems similar to Parsnips, so these will do. I’m interested in trying them out.

Hmm… This just popped into my head… I just realized that Parsnips kinda sounds like a combination or Parsley and Turnips. I wonder if that’s how it got the name. Although, I think they are from two different families. I’ll have to look that up.

I then visited our local Lowe’s to get some potting soil. I also purchased:
Wallflower sp. (six-pack)
Calendula ‘Calypso’ (yellow with black centers)
Spinach ‘Bonnie’ (2 four-packs)
Collard ‘Georgia Hybrid’ (four-pack)
Asparagus ‘Jersey Giant’ (3 bare roots)

When I got home I potted up a bunch of seedlings (grown from seeds indoor under grow lights) into newspaper pots. These include:
Mustard ‘Crimson Red’
Pak Choi ‘Purple Choi’
California Poppy ‘Mission Belle’
Japanese Chard ‘Umaina’
Swiss Chard ‘Witerbi Mangold’

The Snap Pea ‘Sugar Ann’ seeds that I soaked are just starting to sprout roots, so I planted those into about 22 newspaper pots.

New Kitazawa Seed Co. Seeds…

I recently purchased five new seed packets from Kitazawa Seed Co., which is where I got my Bok Choy ‘Joi Choi’ Folia seeds that I have been planting for about 8 years now. They include:

Bok Choy ‘Golden Yellow’ Folia a bright yellowish-green Bok Choy
Bok Choy ‘Purple Choi’ Folia a dark purple leaf Bok Choy
Chard ‘Umaina’ Folia a Japanese Chard that I think is similar to the Swiss Chard ‘Green’ I have been buying
Usui Folia edible Pea shoots
Kabocha ‘Sweet Mama’ Folia a Japanese Pumpkin/Winter Squash that has a bush-like growth habit (like Zucchini)

Today, I sowed the three leaf veggies: Bok Choi ‘Golden Yellow’  Folia , Bok Choy ‘Purple Choi’  Folia  and Chard ‘Umaina’  Folia . I hope they turn out as well like my plantings of Joi Choi Bok Choy.