Found Horseradish + Pawpaw Stratification…

I saw several Horseradish roots at a local grocery store and some had sprouts growing out of it. There were several sprouts broken off and I had to save this one. I hope it’ll grow, so I placed it in a little bit of water to try to get it to root.

Horseradish Sprout

I placed the Pawpaw seed I want to grow into moist sphagnum moss… which I then placed in a plastic bag and poked several small holes on top. I’ll refridgerate this for some time before I’ll grow it. I read that it must receive a 90 to 120 day stratification.

Pawpaw Weed Stratification

  • Glad you’re feeling better! We’re Jewish and I grow horseradish every year after Passover. They’ll root from a cut-off top SO easily; like people do with carrots, just set the sliced-off top in a saucer of water. Don’t plant them in a container or wooden half-barrel, as my mother did, because they’ll evict every other species and then you’ll break the barrel trying to dig out all those gnarly roots. They have 2 or 3 different types of leaves and surprisingly delicate, nice-smelling flowers – that will spray seeds in every direction if you let them! I love the big, exotic-looking main leaves, but there’s something around here that eats tiny holes in them and makes them look ugly. :-(
    Probably too much information about horseradish…