Pineapple Seedling Progress…

I have two Pineapple Folia seedlings (grown from seeds) survive. One is doing really well and the other is hanging on… I will separate these and plant them into a slightly larger pot.

Pineapple Seedling Progress

Midnight Snow Peas + Pawpaw Stratification…

Midnight Snow Peas

Back in September 2010, I was in search for purple Snap Peas. I searched online and found I wrote Dan, the purple Snap Pea breeder, but they were not yet available.

Midnight Snow Pea

I received a package of Midnight Snow Peas Folia today and will soak them in water overnight, so I can plant them tomorrow. I generally don’t like the Snow Peas that I have grown in the past, but the purple Snap Peas are still not available, so I’ll give these Snow Peas a try for now.


I don’t know if the one Pawpaw Folia seed that I got from the 2011 CRFG Scion Exchange will grow, but I’m going to give it a try.

I read that it is slow to germinate and needs stratification, so placed it in the refrigerator for now. I also read that it needs to be kept moist, so tomorrow I will get some sphagnum moss, moisten it and place the seed it in. Again, I don’t know if this will germinate, but we’ll see…