Purple Potatoes Planted…

Purple Potatoes planted

I planted most of the Purple Potatoes that I found sprouting into two 7-gallon Geopots. I saved the unplanted Potatoes to give to my sister-in-law.

Purple Potatoes planted

I’m a Winner!…

I entered some contests a few days ago on various garden blogs promoting the new book “Garden Up!:Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces“.

Today, I was surfing Google and discovered a new feature (to me) called Google Blogs Search… so I was curious and plugged in my name… I say a line that said, “Congrats to Joel Ignacio for taking home the $50 gift card from Annie’s Annuals!


That is sooo cool!… I won the $50 gift certificate for Annie’s Annuals from Compost in my Shoe…. and I didn’t even know it… I love Annie’s Annuals!!!… Now I have to figure out how to claim the prize.

March 14 Gardening…

I’ve been away from home for a few days and got back this afternoon and started planting.

First thing my Mom told me when I stepped out into the backyard was that our Zygopetalum Orchid opened it’s first bloom. This made me really happy. We purchased this as a bare root Orchid at the Pacific Orchid Expo three years ago.

First Zygopetalum Blooms

I purchased a Asiatic Lily called Tango Blend from OSH in El Cerrito. There was an spot in the front yard filled with weeds, so I removed what I can, added new soil and planted all six bulbs. I also planted some Agrostemma in clusters here and in two other locations in our front yard.

I planted two of the three Pepino Dulce into 5 gallon pots which will be placed in the front yard. Here, they will get full sun and hopefully produce a lot of fruits. I’ll plant the third one into the SFG soon.

In a continuing effort to incorporate veggies into our front yard, I planted all the Swiss Chard ‘Bright Lights’ seedlings into the two big clay pots, which now has the Sweet Peas and Agrostemmas. I think this will make a nice and colorful filler for the pot and also provide some veggies!

Epidendrum Wedding Valley ‘Sakura’ flower…

Epidendrum Wedding Valley 'Sakura'

I love the flowers on this Epidendrum Wedding Valley ‘Sakura’ we recently purchased.

Grafting 2011 Batch 3…

Our Peach is just starting to bloom and the Apples look like they will break dormancy soon, so I grafted the last batch of Peaches/Nectarines, Apples and a Persimmon.

Persimmon 'Chocolate' Graft

– Nectarine ‘Silver Lode’
– Peach ‘White Hale’
– Nectarine ‘White Rose’
– Peach ‘Lola Queen’
– Apple ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’
– Apple ‘Pink Pearl’
– Apple ‘Pink Parfait’
– Apple ‘Lady Williams’
– Apple ‘Pippin’
– Apple ‘Belle de Boskoop’
– Apple ‘Royal Gala’
– Persimmon ‘Chocolate’

March 7, 2011 Sprouting Update…

I’ve been away for a couple days and was happy to see even more seeds sprouting:
– Datura ‘Double Purple Queen’
– Pepper (Mini Sweet Orange)

Out in the Wintersowing bins, I was surprised to see numerous sprouts:
– Sunflower ‘Lemon Queen’
– Sunflower ‘Dwarf Border Mix’
– Bentley Countryside Wildflower Mixture
– Cosmos ‘Picotee’ (G2/2007)

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Twitter Updates from @joelignacio

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