2010 Fairfield Tomato Festival…

Photos taken at the Fairfield Tomato Festival on August 15, 2010.

You can also view photos on my “Fairfield Tomato Festival” set on Flickr.

Pineapple Seedling Progress…

I have two Pineapple Folia seedlings (grown from seeds) survive. One is doing really well and the other is hanging on… I will separate these and plant them into a slightly larger pot.

Pineapple Seedling Progress

First Daffodil of 2011

First Daffodil of 2011

This weekend I spotted our very first Daffodil Folia to bloom. There are also more that look like they will open soon.

Winter Greens sorted out and potted out…

The tray of winter greens that I planted back in November have grown and I can now tell what is what… (My great-niece tripped over them and mixed them all up.)

Mixed Up Winter Greens

I planted the Bok Choy Folia seedling into hanging pots in out front yard, since there is more light there. I’ll plant another batch in a few days for the backyard garden.

Bok Choy 'Joi Choi' Planted

I also potted up the Broad Leaf Mustard Folia from the Jiffy Peat Pellets into a large pot (Solo drinking cup) to get them to grow a little bigger before planting them out.

Mustard 'Broad Leaf'