Berkeley Plant Purchases…

I stopped by two nurseries in Berkeley and found some really cool plants, that I had to purchase.

From Westbrae Nursery:
– Meadow Foam (Limnathes douglasii)
– Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria)
– Sugar Snap Peas

From Berkeley Horticulutral Nursery:
– Broccoli Raab ‘Zamboni’
– Gai Lan ‘Green Lance’
– Leaf Broccoli ‘Getti di Naoli’
– Portuguese Kale ‘Galega da Folhas Lisas’
– Kale ‘Redbor’
– Tree Collard (Purple Stem)
– Snow Pea ‘Golden Podded Pea’

Berkeley Rose Garden + Westbrae Nursery + Complete Garden Supply…

This morning, I went to the Berkeley Rose Garden to meet up with some members of the East Bay Modern Quilting Guild to take photos of some quilts. It was my first time at the Berkeley Rose Garden and they had tons of roses. I saw Cyn, Lauren with her two kids and Margaret. I didn’t have any of my own quilts but took some photos of theirs.

Afterwards, I stuck around and shot some photos of the Roses and other plants around the garden. It was a beautiful warm day… but I kept dropping my camera lenses! Argh!

I then passed by Westbrae Nursery and picked up two Coleus: Coleus ‘Mozaik Thin Mint’ Folia and Coleus ‘Mozaik Lava Red’ Folia . I also saw a pretty double Spidery Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum maximum ‘Aglaya’) Folia .

Before going back home, I also passed by Complete Garden Supply and purchased more cheap basic black pots (1, 2 and 3 galloon sizes) and some 10×10 trays.

More New Plants…

I went on a shopping spree and purchased a whole bunch of new plants.

From Westbrae Nursery I purchased a Apple Cider Pelargonium Folia that smells really good.

Texas Terragon

From Lowe’s in Vallejo, I purchased: Wizard Coleus, Texas Tarragon Folia and a Hydrangea Folia for my Mom.

Found Coleus Branch

I also found a unknown broken red Coleus (Unknown 2011-02)  Folia
that I will try to nurse back to health.

Scion Exchange + Berkeley Nurseries + Sorry Pole…

  • 10:13 The CRFG is having a Scion Exchange today from 12-3pm in Berkeley. Learn grafting and exchange cuttings. #
  • 17:10 I bumped into a pole at PetSmart, said sorry, then started cracking up… #
  • 18:14 Back home from the CRFG Scion Exchange, Berkeley Horticultural Nursery, Westbrae Nursery and Cactus Jungle… What a plantastic day!!! :) #